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Im pissed that the bank allowed this to happen to me. They said that it was a levy against me for a collection from 2002.

They never sent anything to me for me to try to resolve it first. They just went in this month and took it out. I banked with a different bank for 10years, and this never happened to me. Now that im with Bank of America they allowed this to happen.

I think i need to switch banks before this happen again.

I see that this has happen to so many people. I,m not the only one who is pissed off.

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Baker, Nevada, United States #27201

If you are being threatened by a collection agency with hang ups calls on sunday which is against the law.Also if they pretend to be police or lawyer and do not state this is an attempt to collect a debt contact warren&Vullings LLP lawyers in pa and new jersey.They sue them for free and you get 500.00 to a 1000.00 out of it without even going to court.I did and got 500.00 and calls stopped their no. is 215-745-9800.

Baker, Nevada, United States #27200

In pennsylvania they cannot touch your bank account or wages contact a lawyer right away.

Kenova, West Virginia, United States #11334

Did they have a judgment against you?

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