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This company out of the blue called about a credit card I had 8 or 9 years ago. I requested information about the debt because I was unaware of it.

Their info and mine did not quite match up. This item is supposedly still open but it nor has it ever showed up on my credit report. They told me they would investigate further. The next time I hear about it is from a law firm.

Again I request information but none can be provided from the collection agency. Now I am being sued in small claims court by Palisades Collection

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Morioka-Shi, Iwate, Japan #26699

Don't panic. If you are sued, you need to file "Answer to the Complaint" within the time given, and dispute everything. If you you skip court date and they have a default judgment, then file "Motion to vacate judgment." Don't give in to these scumbags.

Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #20662

You might want to check and see what your state's statue of limitations is on time to file a lawsuit. It's 4 years in Texas so if the date of last activity was November 2004, they cannot not legally file a lawsuit against you after November 2008. It will remain on your credit report until the seven year reporting period is over but they cannot sue you.

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