I paid off my account with Lowes and actually have a credit... Palisades Collection calls constantly and when I tell them they have the wrong person, they hang up but don't take me off their auto dialer.

I call back and it's "after hours" cause they're on the East Coast! When I do get someone and tell them to please stop calling, they hang up after telling me "you will pay this bill!!"

They're rude and their obnoxious and it doesn't matter if it's not your account, if you happen to have the same name, you're guilty, pay the bill! If it continues, I will get an attorney and go after them for punitive damages for harrasement!

I have an almost 800 Fico score and if this gets on my credit, all *** will break lose!

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We are repeatedly called, despite having told them several times that we are not the people that they are looking for as well. We've left messages on their machines, told them repeatedly, and yet they persist.

What do we do?

My next step is to be rude, crude and vulgar to them, but I'm afraid that will probably only make me feel good, and not stop this insanity. Maybe I need to conduct a campaign to call, email, and otherwise harass them!!


Palisades is the reason why I still have an unlisted phone # and why I no longer provide it to my creditors. I have settled an account w/West Asset Management in 2005 and then I provided my settlement documents to Palisades via Nelson & Kennard and this account is still floating among collection agencies. This account was a Master Card from Direct Merchants Bank that's owned by HSBC


same here. they keep calling for someone with my last name but not my first name. Besides, I don't have any debt....not sure why a collection company would call my number....I've had it for over 15 years!

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