The bill they sent me a letter saying I owe $5121.76.i turned all my bills over to freedom debt relief so I could make one payment. On 7-24-2009 I got a letter from them saying congratulation me saying freedom financial network has successfully settled all my of my accounts.

Now Palisades Collection is saying I owe Over $5,000.i do not owe this money.

How do I get them to leave me alone and if I did why are they just now saying I owe this money? Can they really sue me when I don't owe this money .this was taken care of in 2009 .they took the pay off so why are they bothering me now?

Monetary Loss: $5122.

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you need to learn how to budget your money instead of going into debt. Take responsibility for your poor decision making, you are to blame for the mess you are in

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