Back in 2000 I had car repoed because I was injured . Had surgery .

Out of work but anyway I let the car go back . It was finaced through Triad financial . So some time went bye . Triad called I settled the remaining ballance after vehicle was sold .

So some years later Palisades started calling me about that car . I told them i had settled that debt with the original creditor but they didnt stop so a few years ago my home was destroyed by fire and lost my mother . So Palisades put a lien against my new home and all property . The state is allowing Palisades to sieze my property .

I need legal counsel in order to stop these crooks . N C resident

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have received a letter from Palisades collection LLc. Saying I owe 10,000 but they are not saying who it's from.

Who I need to call to look into this matter. I think they trying to collect money from a car I had in 2006. But it was repoed. and sold.

Someone please help me on what to do.

N.C. resident


Yeah I received a letter today from Palisades collection llc say I old a 10,335.87 Debit. They want me to do a a payment arrangement. It not say where the debt coming from.

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