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I don't know what to do about this matter. I do not owe any money to any one.i went through Freedom Debt Relief to get my bills paid off.i have a letter saying(congratulations!Freedom financial network has successfully settled all off my accounts)Now Palisades collection sent me a letter saying I owe over $ 5,000 for a unpaid bill for heritage chase.

This bill was one

of the ones I had in the debt relief. What do I need to do this was paid in 2009. Please help me with this matter . I have no papers on the freedom debt relief except except for the one saying all my bills is paid off.

I called Lexington law at 1-866-348-8396 and they can't help me because I don't remember how much I paid them each month ,all I remember is it was $500.?? .please if theres any way you can help me please do.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1096325

Well, at least you got SOME paid... I paid them $8000 and got NONE paid...

I have been dealing with the creditors directly for pennies on the dollar... which I am sure they would have done with me had I not been sold a bill of goods from this company..

I strongly encourage anyone to deal with the creditors because they are not the demons that Freedom Debt convinced me they were so they would HELP me...

They only helped themselves to my hard earned money.. Thievery at is best...

sure would love to get a class action suit going on them... join me?

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