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I received a letter from FMS Services (FMS) stating that there is a 10,000 showing on my credit report, since 2005. I called them, and they said it was a Washington Mutual account balance.

I have never owed WM anything on any account I've ever had. Since WM no longer exist, how convienent, I should contact Palisades Collections LLC. I attempted to call the number that FMS gave me, it was the wrong number.

I googled the company, and the number listed on the internet is the wrong number. So there is no one that I can contact on this matter.

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Aid Associates, Inc

Aid Associates

MKM Acquisitions LLC

Palisades Collection Agency

Plaza Associates

370 7th Avenue, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10001

Principal: Paul Brennan, President

Phone Number: (212) 330-6929

(212) 330-9693

(212) 695-8750

(212) 947-7233

(516) 745-5651

(800) 535-1303

(800) 701-0949


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