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I know it sounds like a pain in the neck but do it. Palisades accounts are fraud.

They cannot provide you with a copy of the contract you supposedly signed nor could they give me the phone number that the At&T phone was attached to. I fought them in court and won. Can you believe they are still selling that account to other law offices. However now I just send out a copy of the Statement of dismissal from the court.

Make sure they are not on your credit report..an entry by Palisades will kill your rating.

Palisades tends to target foreigners as they assume they don't want to fight it.

You will note that most charges are under 2,000.00 which is what a laywer would cost. You can do it by yourself..I did.

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How do we fight them? How do I get a copy of my credit report?

I just received a bill from them about At&t too and they specified that I can use my tax return money to pay it off. I tried to go on their site to check out my account but their website don't exist and is not working.

After trying to do research on them, I find this instead on the internet and learning that they are fraud. What do I do?

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